February 25, 2015

From Apex Predator to Man’s Best Friend: Tracing the Journey of Dog Domestication

Becky Goodwin

This lecture will discuss human-dog interactions, in both life and death, and the amazing journey that is dog domestication.

About the Presenter


Becky Goodwin is a second year archaeology master’s student who specializes in zooarchaeology under the supervision of Dr. Max Friesen. Becky is back in academia after spending a few years working as a consulting archaeologist in the Canadian sub-arctic. She has done fieldwork all around the world including Canada, Peru and Somalia. She currently works on material from the western arctic, and spent the last summer excavating at one of the largest and best-preserved Inuvialuit village sites in Canada. This excavation will be featured on the television program, “Wild Archaeology” on APTN in 2016.


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