April 22, 2015

Why Being Big Boned is Beautiful: Osteoporosis from an Evolutionary Perspective

Amy Beresheim

This talk will cover the growing epidemic of osteoporosis.

About the Presenter

Amy Beresheim

Amy Beresheim is a second year Evolutionary Anthropology PhD student, working under the direction of Dr. Susan Pfeiffer. Her research focuses on age- and sex-related changes in cortical bone microstructure throughout the lifespan. Her current work aims to elucidate diagnostic trends in the rib bones of a recent South African population using multiple imaging modalities. Prior to coming to Toronto, Amy completed a Masters at New York University in Human Skeletal Biology. During her masters, she interned with the Forensic Anthropology Unit at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner – NYC, and worked as a criminalist for the World Trade Center Recovery Operation at Fresh Kills. Amy is also the recipient of the Ontario Trillium Scholarship.


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