November 25, 2015

From A to Zoonoses: How Diseases Travel from Animals to Humans

Malcolm Ramsay

What are zoonoses? Ebola, SARS, and HIV dominate headlines, but often the common source of these diseases are not mentioned: animals. What makes zoonoses so dangerous, why is the prevalence of zoonoses seemingly increasing, and what research is being done to prevent future outbreaks? This talk will explore the biological and social interactions between humans and animals in order to come to terms with the prevalence and panic surrounding zoonoses today.

About the Presenter

Ramsay (2)

Malcolm is a second year MSc student in Anthropology, and is affiliated with the School of the Environment’s collaborative program in Environmental Studies. Malcolm’s passion is studying rare animals living in remote places. His NSERC-funded master’s research concerns the movement patterns and conservation biology of the world’s smallest primates: the mouse lemurs of Madagascar! Before starting at U of T, Malcolm spent 14 months working in the Ethiopian Highlands managing a research project on the behavioural ecology of gelada monkeys, another rare and wonderful primate species. Malcolm is a big fan of visual storytelling and always brings a camera with him into the field.


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