February 24, 2016

Consuming the Past: The Curious Relationships between Now and Then

Emma Yasui

How exactly do we consume the past? Individuals and groups from the present-day use the past for a variety of purposes, from popular fads to international politics. This talk will explore the many ways in which we make, negotiate, manipulate, and incorporate what came before us.

About the Presenter

emma yasui (2)

Emma is a fifth-year archaeology PhD candidate in the Department of Anthropology.  Her dissertation concerns the place of stone tool technology in Jomon Period (ca. 16,500-2,300 BP) Japan, particularly in relation to plant resource selection, processing, and use in southwestern Hokkaido. She is currently working with collections from the Hakodate Jomon Culture Centre and Royal Ontario Museum. This research has been supported through funding from SSHRC, OGS, Dr. Chu Scholarships in Asia-Pacific Studies, the Department of Anthropology, and the School of Graduate Studies. Emma has also been involved in the Anthropology Graduate Students’ Union as Co-President (2012-2014), the Got Anthropology? Speaker Series, and the Centre for Historical Ecology in Northeast Asia at UTM. Her previous education includes an HBSc in anthropology from Lakehead University, and an MSc in anthropology from U of T.


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