November 26, 2018

Growing Old Between Two Worlds: How to Age “Successfully” in the Pacific

Vanessa Maloney

What does it mean to age ‘successfully’? We like to think of ageing as a biological process, but anthropologists have shown through cross-cultural comparison that ‘growing old’ is profoundly shaped and influenced by our culture. Our ideas surrounding what it means to ‘age well’ offer insights into our basic assumptions about what it means to be a person, what the ‘good life’ is, and how we should relate to and exchange with one another.

About the Speaker

Vanessa is a 2nd year PhD Candidate in socio-cultural anthropology at the University of Toronto. Her PhD research explores gift exchange and theories of care in the Pacific, as well as how the category of disability is relationally constructed through kinship-based informal gift economies in the Cook Islands.

The Event

Watch the Trailer Here


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