February 25, 2019

Are you  your brain? How neuroscience transforms us

Johanna Pokorny

How neuroscientists think about thinking in the lab using complex technologies has profound impacts on how we act in everyday and ordinary ways. This talk will explore how the brain has become viewed as the location of personhood, and how neuroimaging technologies used in neuroscience have shaped how we see ourselves and the world. It will also examine how scientific studies of the brain can challenge typical understandings of what science is and how it is practiced.

About the Presenter

Johanna 1

Johanna is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Anthropology at U of T, where she examines neuroscience through the Anthropology of Science and Science & Technology Studies. Her dissertation focuses on the complex relationships between personhood, body, brains, and culture in the everyday lives of people, with a particular interest in how neuroscientists incorporate the ideas they develop  into their own lives. In addition to her research, Johanna is involved in public outreach and science communication efforts, such as the Brain Awareness Week campaign and the Towards Neuro-Social Science workshops at Kings College London.

Watch the Trailer Here


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