March 25, 2019

Jesus wuz here…Literally: Painting Jesus’ Face in Contemporary Palestine

Connie Gagliardi

What is a Byzantine icon, and what do they mean for the lives of Palestinian Christians today? This talk will examine the realities and experiences of Palestinians living under Occupation, and the role that icons and iconographers play in this world. It will also discuss the complex interaction between local and foreign producers of public art and traditional icons in Palestine by looking at an icon that was written on the Annexation Wall in 2012.

About the Presenter

Connie Gagliardi is a 5th year PhD Candidate with the Department of Anthropology at the University of Toronto. Her research is on materiality and popular religion, with a focus on how visual culture and resistance are discussed and understood in the Israel/Palestine region. Her talk is the culmination of her Masters thesis and PhD research, as well as her participation in an iconography school.

The Event


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