February 25, 2019

Are you  your brain? How neuroscience transforms us Johanna Pokorny How neuroscientists think about thinking in the lab using complex technologies has profound impacts on how we act in everyday and ordinary ways. This talk will explore how the brain has become viewed as the location of personhood, and how neuroimaging technologies used in neuroscience... Continue Reading →


January 28, 2019

From Small Groups to Supercities: The Energy that Fuelled Human Transition Simon L'Allier How do we explain that some human groups contain about a hundred individuals, while some cities may be filled with 33 million people? In other primate groups, increases in group size lead to growing competition over food resources and larger energy expenditures... Continue Reading →

Announcing the 2018-2019 Series

We are pleased to announce our line up for this season. Please note the dates below, more details will be released each month. November 26, 2018 Growing old between two worlds: how to age “successfully” in the Pacific Vanessa Maloney January 28, 2018 From small groups to supercities: the energy that fueled human transition Simon... Continue Reading →

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